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Face Painter Vancouver BC

Face Painting Booking Terms & Conditions

Thank you for visiting and booking with Creative Faces by Grace, please read carefully below.


  1. Bookings can be made by contacting me directly to request your date and time. Bookings must then be confirmed with me to secure your date.

  2. A non-refundable booking fee will apply in order to secure your date. The amount will be stipulated on your invoice and agreed to prior to confirmation of booking. The booking fee must be received within 7 days of initial booking, or your date will be re-opened for other potential clients to book. A booking fee of $50 for your reservation is required to secure your date. The fee is required to protect us from last minute cancellations, as we turn away business after we have booked your event. Our booking fees are non-refundable. 

  3. The booking fee counts towards your final total, with the remainder of the balance due on the date of your event. For your convenience we accept e-tranfer, Company Cheque, Paypal or Visa/ MC, please note a 4% fee will be added for Visa/MC . (No Personal Cheques).

  4. Balance due on the day of event.



  •  I require a minimum of 15 days notice prior to any cancellations.


  • I request that I am never placed right beside a DJ box or speakers. Nor can I work in dim lighting. Please ensure there is a well lit area for my use, or inform me if I need to arrange additional lighting prior to confirmation.

  • I can provide my own chair and table if needed, however, as most venues have their own chairs and tables I will often request one table and two chairs be set aside for my use. Please let me know if you need me to bring my own table and chair.

  • For large events I may require a line manager, either provided by the event organizer or by us for an additional fee.


Health and Safety

  • I will not paint anyone who appears to have infectious conditions including conjunctivitis, runny noses, chickenpox, coldsores etc. I may also refuse to paint children with visible skin conditions such as eczema where I deem a risk may be present. Parents/Guardians must take responsibility for these instances.

  • I will not paint any child (or adult) who is unwilling to be painted and/or clearly distressed. Likewise, I reserve the right to refuse to paint anyone, child or adult, acting in a violent or threatening manner that poses a risk to health and safety.

  • Children must never be left unsupervised. Parents/guardians must always be able to observe their children at all times during the painting process.

  • No children under 18 months should be painted as their skin could have a allergic reaction.

  • In the event that I am using a high chair, with stool, that a child is unable to climb into themselves, an appropriate parent or guardian must assist the child into the chair.

  • Nobody except the painter is to touch the paints or equipment for numerous health and safety reasons.

  • If renting Bouncy Castle (weather permitting), area needed for bouncy castle must be more than 14' x 14' on dry grass.

  • All children must follow the safety rules with the Bouncy Castle at all times, no climbing on the sides, no shoes, no sharp object, no water or liquid while bouncing.


Professional Conduct

  • My set up time is around 5-10 minutes. I will inform the children/event organizer when I am ready to start. You will get the full amount of time you have paid for.

  • I may ask permission to take photographs of children/adults I paint to be used on my website and social media. Where permission is denied, no photographs will be taken.

  • I have useful contacts within the Face Painting and Entertainment industries. If additional face painters or entertainers are required I may be able to organize this.

Additional Booking Time

  • In peak season I often have more than one party or event in the same day. For this reason I MUST leave on time. It is the sole responsibility of the events organizer to inform guests of my finishing time, and enforce it so that I can get to my next event.

  • If I do not have another event after your party and you want me to stay longer, I can do this for an additional fee. Please have a quiet word with me to organize this.

  • I can paint up to 10 FULL faces per hour, and more if the designs are smaller. It is up to the event host to ensure they have booked enough time to accommodate all of their guests. I hate to leave anyone disappointed so please double check this before confirmation.

Public Events

  • Outdoor events must provide suitable shelter or advise me well in advance if I need to provide my own shelter. In the case of event organizer arranging shelter or tent, both face panting and balloon artist must have plenty of space, and not be placed in direct sunlight as balloon can pop.

  • Event organizers should keep an eye upon weather reports and decide as soon as possible whether an event is to go ahead. 

  • Bear in mind that I will attempt to accommodate a date switch where possible, but I will often be booked for such occasions and alternative artists may be required.

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