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Face Painting and the Coronavirus - COVID-19


The Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the entire world, so what can I do to keep my face painting business safe and hygienic?

Hygiene should always be an important factor when face painting, but considering the recent rise of the novel Coronavirus which causes the Covid–19 disease and has resulted in cancellations and event postponements for artists around the world, it is especially important for us to be more vigilant than ever in implementing hygiene policies which contribute to containment. Even though many events have been put off until later in the year, the virus will probably continue to move through the population even after the initial concern has lessened, so performers should take the long view and plan to tighten their hygiene protocol for the coming year.

I have implemented some restrictions and rule that will be applied when we are eligible to do start booking birthday and special event again. 

  • Smaller size parties (10 kids), if parents would like to stay, they can not be in the same area as the face painter

  • if you have more than 10 kids, all parties will have to be outdoors

  • In the summer time we prefer all parties to be outdoors (June - September)

  • We will be taking a little more time so we can ensure our tools (brushes) are clean and sanitized for each child

  • Selective designs are to be used during these time, nothing touching the eye nose and mouth area, cheeks and forehead and arms, see below for ideas

Children are anxious when it comes to parties, that is why we want to ensure your child can spend some time with you while they are practicing social distancing before the party. Now is the time to be creative and find alternative ways to keep our business going during these difficult times.

Please read below our guidelines:

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Fun Face Mask

Reusable face masks hand crafted 
Our 100% cotton mask is fun and breathable, we can make a child size and adult size

  1. Reusable, machine washable

  2. Recommended daily wash of the cotton mask with hot water and laundry detergent to ensure the mask remain clean.

Please be advised that these face masks do not replace N95 or FDA/NIOSH approved masks. 

All mask is $10 Double Layer or $12 Triple Layer

payment by Cash or e-tranfer

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